The OPEYE project has started in 2016 and it aims to develop an open software library that allows efficient gaze tracking. After some initial research about the connection between gaze-tracking software and visual impairment, we didn’t find any satisfying results and thus decided to develop our own software library.

A group of 5 institutions specialised in the field of different technologies and visual impairment, got together with the intention to work out an open gaze-tracking library in order to fill that gap. Considering the special requirements for people with a visual impairment, the chosen approach led to the following parts:

  • An in-depth survey and analysis of existing libraries & research to base the library’s development on.
  • A set of precise requirements that formulates the ideal solution will be carefully gathered by the team is composed of people from very different research fields.
  • An open source library that allows analyzing eye movements relative to a screen.
  • A sample application of the library that demonstrated the gaze-based magnification using the library.
The project group
The project group

Project info

  • Title: Open and portable software library for rapid eye tracking
  • Acronym: OPEYE
  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Duration: 2016 – 2018